There are a few different areas of attacking in Korfball. We've broken them down below into 3 different sections. How to shoot, the positions of attacking and also the formations the team takes when attacking. Finally we've included some top-tips below to help you!


  • Try and set up a 2-2 position, this is the ideal attacking scenario!
  • Most top players will run the block; watch some international games as they will do this on every attack. It's just the easiest way to get into a strong 2-2 position.
  • Spice up the passing to keep your defenders on their toes. Don't just keep passing around in the same direction. If you're a bit more advanced you could even try a long pass to the player opposite. Delivered well this creates the ideal scoring opportunity!
  • Keep your defenders moving. Don't allow them time to look to see where the ball is or where players have moved to. Even if you're not involved in the current play, you should be constantly moving around; keeping the defenders guessing will stop them interfering with whatever is going on!
  • Try and stay in one of the above positions, and avoid bunching up. The closer you are, the less space there is to pass and create opportunities.
  • If you're not directly involved in the collect position, keep your player away from the post. If you stay close to the post when its not necessary, you award them another collecting player who might take the ball from you!
  • When receiving the ball, your first thing to look for should be "can I shoot". This includes making sure there is a collect, making sure you wont be defended if you did shoot, and making sure that you are in the best possible opportunity to shoot. If you're miles out and your longshot is poor, then don't risk the shot!
  • Feeds should be strong and watch for somebody cutting them. If you're in a feed position, make sure you are looking out for all available passes (this is true of any position, but especially true here).