Korfball is a fast paced ball sport, a bit like Netball or Basketball. Players pass,  shoot, and defend their way to victory!

It originates from the Netherlands and literally translates as "basketball". It was invented in 1901 by the Amsterdam schoolmaster, Nico Broekhuysen. 

Teams are mixed gender and made up of 4 men and 4 women. Players are split into 2 groups called a "division", each made up of 2 men and 2 women.

The aim of the game is to score the most goals in the 3.5m high baskets. Players can shoot 360 degrees around the basket, and there is no backboard.


Bristol City Korfball Club (BCKC) are the oldest Korfball club in the Bristol area. We currently sit at around 30 members and have 2 teams competing in the local leagues. We cater for the casual member who wants to get fit and have fun, all the way up to the elite athlete.  We have even had a number of our members compete at a national and international level!

As well as the oldest club, we are probably one of the friendliest sports clubs you will ever meet. Joining BCKC you will not be short of friendly faces; we have a very large variation of members from lots of different walks of life. You definitely won't be short of things to do either, as it feels like every weekend there is some sort of gathering! Whether it be our post training pub trip, our frequent pub quizzes, or our awesome Christmas parties, there is always something going on.

Come find out what we're all about!


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