There are a number of calls you will hear when playing Korfball. One of the keys to a successful team is a team that communicates, and you really want to be shouting these things loud and clearly during match play. Below are a few of the more common calls you should know about:

  • "Party" or "Party Ball"; this is shouted when the defenders intercept and gain position of the ball, to alert their teammates that they can stop defending, and must now work at getting the ball to their attacking division.
  • "Boy/Girl Feed"; this is shouted to indicate that a boy or girl has taken the feed position. This tells your defenders that the team is likely to try a running in shot. Defenders should back away slightly to stop this happening.
  • "See You"; this is shouted by the person defending the feed. Paired with the above call, it indicates to another defender that you "see" their player, and you are ready to defend a running shot by them if they get past.
  • "Switch"; shouted if you want to switch who you are defending. Typically called in the above scenario, the outside defender will shout this when their attacker has got past them. The feeds defender should then look to defend this player, and the remaining defender should take the attacker who was in feed.
  • "Over"; shouted when the person you are defending throws the ball over your head to the opposite player.
  • "Tight"; this is called if the attacking team has got a good collect position. It tells your players they should mark tightly as a long shot is likely. If they have a feed set up then this is not typically called.
  • "Ball Coming/Ball In"; the ball is coming or the ball has entered your side of the court. Tells your teammates to switch on and look awake.
  • "Got Collect"; the only real attacking call. Called when you have the collect position to tell your attackers they can shoot, and you are comfortable that you will recycle the ball.