Clare (2015 - Present)

I’ve been playing korfball with Bristol City since 2015. I found the sport from a recommendation of a friend, who was already part of the club.

I have played netball in Bristol previously, but found it wasn’t the right sport for me. Korfball is much better as the people are really nice and friendly and there are a lot less politics on and off the court. Everyone plays to have fun, keep fit and to meet new people. 

The sport is competitive; I have played in the 1st and 2nd team and last season the 2nd team finished 2nd in the league! It's also not just a sports team - we have socials throughout the year and all meet up regularly. 

There are a lot of korfball teams in the South West and you could be part of the best one! If you are looking to meet new people, learn a new sport and get fit then korfball is the sport for you. Come along and give it try, you won’t regret it!

Andrew (2017 - Present)

I've been playing Korfball with Bristol City since 2017. I originally found the club on meetup, much like many of you might have. I'd never played a competitive sport before, let alone korfball, but wanted to try something new where I could be active and make some new friends.

Fast forward 6 years on and korfball is now a huge part of my life. I play regularly for both the 1st and 2nd team and absolutely love the sport and the Bristol City community. The club is so active with lots of social events and things going on outside of training/matches (I even met my wife here!).

If anyone is hesitant about joining I absolutely recommend giving it a go. There really isn't a sport like korfball - it's so fun and the people are so friendly!


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