Bristol City Korfball Club (BCKC) is a friendly and welcoming club. We were founded in 1990, making us the oldest club in the South West area. We are also founder members of the South West Korfball League (SWKL), which we compete in between September and March. We currently sit at about 20 members and operate 2 teams, competing in the SWKA1 and SWKA2 divisions. 

The season runs from September to April, with matches averaging about every 2 weeks, depending on the team and league you play for. It's a great community spirit, and we help out where we can with coaching and cheering on the other teams.

From May until August we still train and compete, often moving  outdoors in preparation for a myriad of outdoor summer tournaments and astrokorf! Summer is much more varied though - you can find out more info here.

The club is ran by a committee of volunteers and prides itself on its great social atmosphere! Read on further to find out more.



We train every Monday & Wednesday at City Academy in Lawrence Hill.

Our Wednesday training is beginner friendly and the best place to start if you are wanting to join the club, or have never played korfball before.  Monday is reserved for more advanced training including specific team practice. However if you are wanting to join but find you can only make Mondays, we can make exceptions. Just get in touch.

Our sessions are run by our head coach, and any assistant coaches helping for the season. All of our coaches are volunteers, so please try and turn up on time so they can run the session smoothly! Summer training will be much more relaxed as it is run by the club collectively, to give coaches a break.

Everything you need to know:

7:30-9:00pm, City Academy Sports Centre, Russell Town Ave, Bristol, BS5 9JH

Make sure you bring plenty of water with you; there are some taps at the facility but they are not cold. If you do forget then there is a machine you can get some water or lucozade from. There are changing rooms and toilets, and we recommend wearing sports kit. It can get quite hot in the hall, so shorts, t-shirt and indoor shoes are advised. There's also a car park you can park in for the duration of the session.


If you join BCKC your first 2 sessions are free! This means that you can get a good taste for the sport and the club, without too much commitment. After that we operate £7 per session, to cover hall costs. This fee is applicable for new members, and all club members during the off season (May - Sept).

If you decide to stick with the club and play competitively, then you will be asked to switch to the direct debit option. We operate this between September and March whilst the season is in session. This is ~£35-£40 / month and covers costs for 2 weekly training sessions, all match fees, registration fees and insurance. The club treasurer provides a full breakdown of the costs before you pay, and this is usually a much cheaper option if you want to play regularly.

On the rare occasion we do an outdoor summer session, this is free for every member and non-member alike.

For the most up to date information, please consult our season fees document found here.


The club is run by a group of volunteers that are elected at our April AGM. The following people are representing us for the 2023/2024 season:

If you would like to contact the committee, please email us at BristolCityKorfball@gmail.com


We are very proud of the social scene at BCKC, and pride ourselves with being one of the friendliest and most social sports clubs Bristol  has to offer! You truly will feel like you have joined a little sporting family.

Every year we have a start of season social, Christmas party (korfmas) and end of season social, known as the big 3. Start of season we usually welcome our new members and kick off the year with a fun activity! The theme for the past few years seems to have been a treasure hunt, and a recent one included dressing up in wheres wally attire, with a hunt across the city's bars. Christmas is a bit more formal, with a sit down meal, secret santa and always ending with a bit of a boogie! Last but not least our end of social begins with our AGM, renting out a room and electing in the new committee. Afterwards we all have a great time celebrating the year of accomplishments!

The socials don't stop outside of the big 3 though. We have numerous organised activities throughout the year, including things like escape rooms and mini golf. You name it and we're keen! It's not just the organised events though; we often have smaller groups just meeting up for BBQS, pub quizzes, birthdays and events like Harbour fest.

If you have a social you want to do, you can be guaranteed there will be people around who are ready to take part. Message the club or social secretary and get something set up!