Korfball is primarily a winter sport played indoors, so over summer the club regularly changes its offerings.

Our summer runs from around April until September. During this time we tend to train outdoors, attend summer tournaments (as well as running our own), and generally just have fun in the sun.

If you're keen to join us in the summer months, please do get in touch before coming along, as our schedule does vary year on year.


Over the summer months we do tend to move outdoors from City Academy, and instead train on Durdham Downs. If you're keen to join us over the summer months, we tend to move out here for a period where we drop down to just the Wednesday session. On the plus side the training is completely free! All you need is yourself and a water bottle (and occasionally a rain coat), so why not give it a go today?

Our times vary depending on the light, so if you're interested in attending over summer you should drop us a message on our Join Us page as usual, indicating that you're interested in playing outdoors.

We're usually keen for the beers at the local pub afterwards, just a short drive or ~10 minute walk.

Hope to see you there!